Keyboard Shortcuts in FeedDemon

Tip: Hit Ctrl+K to customize FeedDemon's shortcuts (or add new ones).

Feed shortcuts

New feed (subscribe) Ctrl+N
Feed home page Ctrl+Alt+Home
Update feed F5
Remove all items from feed Shift+Ctrl+Del
Mark feed as read Shift+Ctrl+A
Next feed Ctrl+J
Next unread feed Shift+Ctrl+J

Folder shortcuts

Update folder Shift+F5
Update all folders Shift+Ctrl+F5
Mark folder as read Ctrl+R
Mark all folders as read Shift+Ctrl+R
New folder Shift+Ctrl+N
Next Folder Ctrl+G
Previous folder Shift+Ctrl+G

Tabbed browser shortcuts

New tab Ctrl+T
Close tab Ctrl+W
Close inactive tabs Ctrl+Alt+W
Next tab Ctrl+Tab
Previous tab Shift+Ctrl+Tab

Browser/newspaper shortcuts

Mark page read, move to next page or feed with unread items Ctrl+D
Focus browser Ctrl+B
Change newspaper style Shift+Ctrl+S
Change newspaper filter Shift+Ctrl+F
Focus address bar Alt+D
Browser home page Alt+Home
Subscriptions home Shift+Alt+Home
Mark current newspaper page page Ctrl+M
Mark all newspaper pages read Shift+Ctrl+M
Show favorites menu Ctrl+I

Focused Newspaper Shortcuts

When the newspaper has the focus (Ctrl+B), the following shortcuts are enabled:

Previous item Ctrl+ArrowUp or K
Next Item Ctrl+ArrowDown or J
Next page Ctrl+ArrowRight
Previous page Ctrl+ArrowLeft
Flag item F
Send item (email, blog, S
Add item to news bin B
Mark item read/unread R
Open/expand item Enter
Open item link V
Open item link in new tab T
Open item link in external browser E
Reload newspaper Ctrl+F5

Other shortcuts

Search subscriptions Ctrl+F3
Options F8
Help F1
Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+K
Show subscriptions Ctrl+F11