What is RSS?

RSS feeds (also known as "web feeds") enable web sites to tell you when they have new content. Instead of visiting your favorite web sites to find out if they've been updated, you simply subscribe to them and let them come to you. And unlike email, it's completely private - the sites you subscribe to know nothing about you, leaving you in control over the information that comes to you.

What is FeedDemon?

FeedDemon enables you to read RSS feeds from your desktop, so you can browse information from dozens - or hundreds - of web sites without having to visit them to find out what's new.

In FeedDemon, news items (articles) are displayed in newspapers for easy reading.

FeedDemon can watch for items in RSS feeds which contain specific keywords, alerting you to stories of interest. For example, football fans could ask FeedDemon to watch for items about their favorite teams, or investors could watch for stories about companies in which they own stock.

If you're new to FeedDemon, make sure to step through the tutorial which introduces FeedDemon's basic concepts. You can access this tutorial by selecting Show Tutorial from FeedDemon's Help menu.